Event Strategy

My bespoke strategy service ensures seamless alignment with your business objectives and marketing goals. I go beyond the basics, designing toolkits and playbooks to maximise the potential of each event and provide you with the resources you need for the future. What you can expect:

Comprehensive auditing – An in-depth analysis of your past events to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Tailored strategy – A tailored roadmap encompassing a mix of external events, sponsorships, and strategic OKRs for your unique goals.

Blueprints – Detailed blueprints to provide a step-by-step guide to launch and scale your events.

Playbooks – Your go-to guide and event pack, all the information and resources your team will need to ensure a smooth event.

Event reporting – A comprehensive reporting toolkit for each event to measure and communicate the success and impact of your events to your stakeholders

My commitment is not just to deliver successful events but to empower you with a strategic event approach that fosters long-term growth and measurable success.

Event Management

I will look after every detail so you don’t have to. Working within your budget and timescales, to deliver events that provide the best value for your investment.

  • Venue sourcing and contract management
  • Supplier, and vendor selection & management
  • Speaker sourcing, management & liaison
  • Staff management
  • AV and technology sourcing
  • Logistics
  • Collateral, branded merchandise
  • Delegate registration & management
  • Lead capture
  • Risk assessment
  • On-site management
  • Event breakdown
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting

Pre-Event Marketing

I’ll work with you and your team to plan campaigns, tailored to your audience or each event. Here’s what you can expect:

Targeted email and social media campaigns – Personalised campaigns to engage your audience and drive attendance.

Direct mail campaigns – Customised mailers to complement your digital campaigns that will wow your attendees.

Influencer marketing – Identify and partner with relevant influencers to expand the reach of your event.

Advertising – Strategic advertising across various channels to increase awareness and drive attendance.

Partner and 3rd party marketing – Collaborating with partners to amplify marketing efforts and reach.

Event offers – Create exclusive offers and incentives to boost attendance and nurture prospects.

Post-event Marketing

Depending on the event, your post-event plan can incorporate a mix of activities to reach your marketing goals.

Content – From thought leadership, to interviews – we’ll create new content you can use for future campaigns.

Tailored email nurture campaigns – Keep your customers and prospects engaged and increase sales with specialised offers and content.

Social campaigns – Promote the event success and share new content with your network and win new followers.

PR – Promote your story to the right audiences to get you noticed and elevate your brand.

Reviews and testimonials – Post reviews and testimonials which you can use when promoting your content – and your next event.


You’ll receive a comprehensive event report with the data-driven insights, performance analysis, survey results, and strategic recommendations.

What’s included:

  • Data-driven insights into event performance
  • Comprehensive analysis of event success metrics against your OKRs
  • Survey results providing attendee feedback and satisfaction
  • Strategic recommendations for future events

Lead Generation

Whether you’re promoting content, a new product, or an event, I will design an effective campaign that delivers quality leads that you can pass to your sales team.

Sponsor Industry events – Sponsor industry events to connect with your target audience, showcase expertise, and generate leads.

Co-host invite only events – Partner with reputable publications and brands with communities that align with your target audience.

Content creation – Produce new lead magnets. Partner with analysts, thought leaders and publications in your space to produce industry leading content. I’ll design campaign that can promote this content to maximise the value from each piece.

Content syndication – Distribute your whitepapers, articles, or infographics, to reach a wider audience and capture leads with 3rd parties.

Research campaigns – Design and promote tailored surveys for your audience. Gather valuable insights to build data-backed reports and produce a library of content that will elevate your brand and establish you as experts in your field.

Sponsorship Consultancy & Management

If you are sponsoring events to boost your brand and generate leads, or commercialising your own events and need a sponsorship framework to sell, I will share my expertise to ensure that any sponsor agreement is fulfilled, and relationships are looked after.

Sponsorship consultancy – I’ll advise on the best sponsorship opportunities aligned to your objectives. Working on your behalf to tailor and negotiate sponsorship packages to achieve maximum results, and within your budget.

Sponsorship management – I’ll work as an extension of your team and manage the sponsor relationships to ensure all deliverables are met, on time, and to plan.
From pre-event customer management to on-site and post-event support, I’ll take care of it all.

Exhibition sponsorships – From floor-plans, to stand builds, lead capture and on-site management – everything will be looked after and meticulously managed to give you peace of mind.

Sponsorship Sales – Commercialise your events, and create sponsorship packages that offer value to your sponsors, and earn investment for you. I’ll work with you to design packages for any event and designed for your ideal sponsors.

Brand building

Elevate your brand, create meaningful connections and craft unforgettable experiences that your customers will love.

With your brand values front and centre, we’ll design events that will amplify your messaging, to the right people and drive engagement.

Brand activation –  from conceptualisation to full event management for pop-up events, competitions and offers.

Sponsorships and exhibitions – I’ll research and recommend the best industry-leading events for you to sponsor, that aligns with your brand and your content. Hand over all of the sponsorship and event management to me, for a seamless experience.

Bespoke events – there’s no limit to the events we can host for your customers and community.  From roadshows to award ceremonies, roundtable events to parties – together we’ll plan show-stopping event campaigns that will set you apart from your competition.


I'm here to help you achieve results that will help your business grow. Let's work together to make your events a success!